Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Comedy Government

Reality one more stuffs satire. The government announce foreign languages will be compulsory for seven year olds. Perhaps they should wait until the kids can read and write in English first. I've never known a Government who had so little idea of the difference between the wish and the deed.

"Socially responsible" advertising for gambling. Remember the days when the Labour Party allegedly owed more to Methodism than Marxism ? It now owes precious little to either.

In other news - the anti-racist racist.

The court heard yesterday that on Dec 16, 2005, when Ruggie Johnson spotted the traffic wardens putting tickets on illegally parked cars, he shouted: "This is our patch. Go back up Ecclesall Road and do your white aunties and uncles."

In his defence Johnson said: "My purpose was to make them aware of the situation. They were the only two white people in a predominantly black area and were seen as a source of oppression."

I wonder who funds the Monitoring Group North ?


Anonymous said...

Ruggie doesn't seem to know the difference between "principle" and "principal". Are the slave owners refusing to allow black people to become fully literate?

timmyhawk said...

Yes, seven year olds should learn proper English, esepcially as there are some doubts about how well they are learning this at the moment. That said though, the gov is right about doing foreign languages teaching at an earlier age. The younger you are the easier it is to aquire language. It would be far better to scrap compulsory foreign languages for teens in return, and let those who don't dig languages do something else worthwile.

Anonymous said...

Are there any truly harmonious, salad bowl quarters that exist in this country?

Anonymous said...

Ignore the detail - Blair does - it is the mood music that matters. The country is going to hell in a hen-basket and the political class is freebasing on cocaine

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any info on yesterdays kerfuffle at Havering College in Hornchurch?

The MSM are, as usual, a bit sparing about the racial details, although The Guardian did say that the teenage victims were Black.

A friend of mine said that there is a lot of bad blood between Asians and Blacks in that once pleasant part of East London.

Anonymous said...

timmyhawk, I disagree when I was young people tried to ram French and German down my throat, I just got annoyed and didn't learn a thing, and neither did anyone else in the class, total waste of time.
But later in life I had a German friend and he taught me some of the language, I can't say I speak German but I learnt a lot more from him than I did in that stupid class.

Learning young is good but its now being taken to a ridiculous extreme.

Anonymous said...

Scott Burgess over at the Daily Ablution has a post up about TMGN today.

Laban said...

most non-manual workplaces, foxy ?

When I was first working in London, my closest colleague and mentor was a Jain from Uganda and I shared my daily commute with a very nice beige (as Pootergeek calls mixed race) girl - who was one of the brightest people I've ever met. Even out in the sticks of Wilts/Glos there's a mixed bunch - and everyone gets on. (Mind you with current legislation we've pretty much got to ...).

There's nothing like working alongside someone on a problem - and I imagine that applies in the Army too.

Anonymous said...

Yep, learning languages should be easier the younger it's started, but that's not really what it's all about. Look at the languages the government claims it wants to teach: Urdu, Hindi, Polish....

Say, you don't think it's all some kind of fiddle, d'you ?


Anonymous said...

The Hornchurch kerfuffle was an 'own goal'.

From Life Style Extra see: Three Youths Stabbed Outside College

"...Mr Elmore said: "I was walking out of college when I heard some swearing behind me. I saw a gang of around 15 black kids swearing at a group of black students across the road.

"All of a sudden the gang crossed the road. They seemed to be trying to identify people in the group of students and then they just pulled out some weapons. I could see blocks of wood and some sort of metal object and I didn't want to step in...."

Another one for Operation Trident I suppose...