Saturday, November 04, 2006

Holy War News

Muslims may join Holocaust Memorial Day ... we shall see. It looks as if Ruth Kelly's threat to withdraw all that lovely funding to the MCB is paying off.

Catholics vs Pagans in Glastonbury. Come On You Left-Footers !

Yemaya Pinder, a witch and a member of the Pagan Federation who owns The Magick Box store, said thatshe believed the Christians should be prosecuted for a religious hate crime.

Mrs Pinder, a mother of two and grandmother of four, and whose sister is an Anglican vicar in Basildon, described how a group of Catholics had entered her shop and abused her.

She said: “It was as if we had returned to the dark ages. They told me they wanted to cleanse Glastonbury of paganism. They said they had lighters and were going to come back and burn us down. When the police asked them to apologise, they refused.”

She said there were no plans to put a curse on the Christians. “But we are doing protection for ourselves and the shop and the town. We are working magic for the healing and the damage they very nearly did between us and the local Roman Catholic church.”

I'm sure Christians would never burn a witch's property.


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verity said...

Pankaj - are you insane?

Have you been hexed by a witch?

JuliaM said...

"She said there were no plans to put a curse on the Christians."

Try the 21st century equivalent of a curse....sic the lawyers on them for harassment :)

Guessedworker said...


Why, precisely, do we have a Holocaust Day?

AntiCitizenOne said...


Why do we have Muslims is more fundamental.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

"Why, precisely, do we have a Holocaust Day?"

Guessedworker, its because the Nazis murdered six million Jews and about twenty million others of different races in death camps and by general murderous methods. Or are you going for the Holocaust denial medal as well as the moonbat 'Jews keep attacking England in mysterious and undefinable ways' medal?

Anonymous said...

I know they probably don't see it this way, but I find it quite amusing how paganism is making a comeback.

Shame the Church of England can't work the same miracle.

Guessedworker said...


"The Holocaust" with a capital H is a fiction - an industrial production begun in the early 70s as I well remember. It is a vehicle for Jewish ethnic interests. It is a money-making machine, a method of sanctifying Jewry, of gifting them a free hand and of demonising the expression of our ethnic interests.

The Nazi extermination programme was something else entirely. I am certainly interested in the public discovery of the difference because the I wish us not to labour under Jewish ethnic interests but to freely express our own.

DSD, I urge you not to simply buy what you are told by Big Media, and not to internalise the faux-pious memes that have entered into our educational, cultural and religious establishments. Look for the real interests at work in the message and critique them mercilessly.

Right now you are behaving like a stooge.

I know you won't accept such criticism. You cannot understand the concept of competing ethnic interests, indeed you cannot ascribe to Jewry any ethnic interest at all, never mind one that conflicts in serious ways with our own. It is up to you to find your own way out of the prison you are in. Nobody can do that for you.

Certainly, I will not enter into a detailed debate with you in Laban's house. But even if we debate one day elsewhere I will not deliver the coup de grace you deserve, as I held my hand at the end of our exchange at your blog.

My interest is not in humiliating you but in making you THINK critically about everything you have thusfar unconsciously accepted.

Guardian apostate said...

Guessedworker, please enlighten us on the difference between the 'Holocaust' and the 'Nazi extermination programme'.

Guessedworker said...

The former is promotion of an ethnic agenda. The latter is history.

Laban said...

Now look here chaps - I've said everything needful about HMD on the post at

Just hand out a small sheet - 'Two Facts About The Holocaust You might Not Have Realised".

#1 - Killing People Is Bad
#2 - The Germans Did It

Laban said...

try again

Guessedworker said...

Who's is disputing that, Laban? Not me. I'm simply pointing out that my father piloted a Lancaster bomber to occupied Europe thirty times in late 1944, picking up a nasty injury in his eyes in the process, and he doen't need a fucking lesson from activist Jews about the dangers of English ethnic interests.

Do try to understand what The Holocaust, with its capital H, is. Here's a clue: it's not about history. It's about control of what you think.

Anonymous said...

^ Why people like you persist in living in a civilised society is beyond me.

Guessedworker said...

Why are you employing a slur against me, Sam? Do you have no argument to bring forward? Some expression of faith, perhaps, in the Spielberg mini-series?

Well, here's one for you ... define civilised. And let us see what Pavlov makes of the learned impulse of your so-superior morality.

Anonymous said...

I just dont know what to think now about the holocaust.

Why is it necessary to prosecute people who deny it, as is now the case in some countries? As someone pointed out on GWs site, if the US government made it a crime to claim that NASA sent nobody to the moon I would certainly start to question the story of the Apollo missions (which I dont btw).

As far as I can see denial is not as straightforward as saying no jews were killed and there were no camps. There does seem to be a grey area about the actual numbers killed and the level of intent and organisation involved. Trouble is any investigation of this seems to stray into 'denial' and thats not allowed.

I was amazed to find the'official' figure has quietly dipped below the 6 million and that the stories of human derived lampshades and soap bars are no more true than the Germans eating babies in WW1.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


The figures have only dipped below six million etc in the minds of Nazi muppets like Guessedworker. There's no ambiguity as to 'intent or 'organisation' except in the minds of those who wish to justify Jew-hatred in 2006.

"he doen't need a fucking lesson from activist Jews about the dangers of English ethnic interests..."

Guessedworker, what gibberish you do spout. Seriously. And I have far from 'unconsciously accepted' anything dear boy. I've read Fred Leuchter in my youth for example, have read Finkelstein, and come to the fully conscious conclusion that, like you, they are talking bollocks.

Guessedworker said...

Look, DSD, try to understand that the history of the Jews in Germany is a separate subject from the usage to which it is put by Jewish interest groups. It is the the shameless usage of the (capital H) Holocaust that I find offensive and duly blog about.

Please, please try to keep up. It is very tiresome to be assaulted by someone who can't grasp the arguments.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately it seems it doesnt matter about the details. What counts is that nationalism in western countries must be repressed as its synonymous with nazism. Thats what we are often reminded of. There is a bit of a problem with that with the rise of islam now. How to balance combating islam and not letting the peasants get too uppity?

We were reminded by a jewish speaker in 2005 that we (all europeans) are just as much to blame for the holocaust as any German (Id love to find a transcript of that speech). Its nice to know how our sacrifices in WW2 are rated by this guy at precisely zero.

A few years back I used to have a jewish girlfriend and at times when the subject of WW2/holocaust was mentioned I was somewhat perturbed to find that this was pretty much her view. The suffering of my immediate ancestors didnt count for jack. I had always been the good little liberal, thought we were all on the same side. Seems not, they have a side, we have a side but out side has no legitimacy or worth. Bit of an eye opener.

So DSD, if you agree with the jewish guy (and my ex) that our ancestors sacrifices in WW2 count for nought then I guess you are not anti-semitic, well done, but you are taking a big steaming dump on our own people and their memory. OTOH if you dont agree then a guess that makes you a bit of a nazi who doesnt comprehend the suffering of the jewish people. So which is it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I am slurring you because I have a right to. You have a right to express your opinion and to slur me back. I didn't present an argument because everyone else is doing it well enough.

I don't think there is an ethnic interest in World Jewry, like a global conspiracy and I don't believe the interests of Jews have ever guided the fate of this country in any particular way. Disraeli was a Jewish Prime Minister (but an Anglican convert), but the path on which he took the country was the will of the British people, as well as his.

By THE Holocaust, I, and most people who have posted here, mean the slaughter of minority groups by the Nazis in World War II. There are cases of other holocausts, of course. England has (argubly) committed two itself against the Jews in its history. Richard I was the first person (that I am aware of) to describe it as a 'holocaustum'.

As for defining civilised, I can't, hands down. I know what I mean, but I can't stand all the philosophical stuff, so I'll limit myself to saying that I believe Britain is a civilised society and has been for a long time.

I think all this discussion about the Holocaust has taken over this comment thread, so I'll end my contribution here. If, Guessedworker, you really want to see a wee bit more of what I think on the matter go here: I warn you, it's not one of my better posts.

Guessedworker said...


Who is everyone else? Where are their arguments against English ethnic interest?

You are alone.

I am very familiar with the ways of strawmen attackers. "World Conspiracy", indeed. No one mentioned a World Conspiracy. What exactly do you think you achieve by such deceit other than to display your own intellectual and moral poverty.

On a historical point Elie Wiesil first used the H-word in 1964. The Nazi extermination programme, if such it was, did not merit a single mention in the memoirs of Churchill, Eisenhower or de Gaulle. Not a word.

That doesn't mean that Jews never died. It means that the vast modern industry that produces billions of dollars of pay-outs, schlock museums, Holodays and celluloid by the tonne is a production. And it is racism.

Our European world cannot be civil while we live in a deracinated, cosmopolitanised world, shorn of our ethnic interests and under a culturally Marxised polity. Civilisation, for your information, is an expression of the European soul - not African, not Indian, not Jewish - and has been so for three thousand years.

Do try to understand. We have lost control of our destiny, and those who have control (a WASP elite) do not care one iota whether we continue to live or die as a people.

If you are native British it's time for you to put your people first, and escape the genocidal and unnatural value-system you have internalised. If you ever manage it you too will be confronted by mini-Sams who think you uncivilised or immoral, and you too will curse the suggestibility and moral constitution of your own brothers.

Your link is dead, btw.