Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fighting At "Race-Hate" Trial

Amazingly, someone is being prosecuted over the "Behead Those Who Insult Islam" protests.

About 25 people gathered outside the central London court to support a man on trial over the Muslim cartoon protests.

Four people were arrested and several police officers suffered minor injuries after the protest turned ugly.

One person was arrested for allegedly punching a cameraman.

Three others were also taken to a central London police station for questioning for allegedly preventing the arrest.

The demonstrators were supporting Mizanur Rahman, who is accused of race hate crimes.

Mizanur Rahman denies soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred at the February 3 protest outside the Danish Embassy.

Riots erupted around the world in February after the caricatures first appeared in a Danish newspaper.

Specialist officers gathered more than 60 hours of video evidence of the protests, but made no arrests at the time. The Met also received more than 500 complaints about the protests.


Martin said...

Just as well Ramadan's over...

Gordon Freece said...

Tyranny. Moronic opinions aren't a crime in any sane system. Threatening people is different, but they're not prosecuting a threat. They're prosecuting "hate".

I suppose it's good in a sense that they're consistently tyrannical. But that's cold comfort.

Gordon Freece said...

Oh, wait, it says "soliciting murder" right there. Duh.

And the clowns showing up to attack people? Dog bites man.

Anonymous said...

p.froward - because blair's "government" has intentionally blurred the difference. This is to make it easier to prosecute indigenes.