Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Early Release .... Today's Roundup

Bring Back The Cat !

CCTV footage showed Callum Myers grinning as two friends watched him dangle the cat above the snarling dog. He stood back as the dog savaged it, snapping its ribs and ripping open its heart. The cat’s owners later identified their pet, Tigger, by its collar.

At Huddersfield Magistrates’ Court yesterday, he admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the animal on March 15 last year. Myers, 18, who was on licence for robbery at the time of the attack, showed no remorse and was told that he faced a life ban from keeping animals.

Mr Goldstraw the child-killer.

Goldstraw, 31, who will serve at least 35 years, was on licence after being released early from a jail term for the manslaughter of a previous girlfriend.

Dale Casssidy - one of the more productive and useful members in our society.

The court heard that Cassidy and Mr Simms were part of a group of six people who had been drinking cans of beer on Christ's Pieces in Cambridge on February 17 this year.

Hugh Vass, prosecuting, said that the group, who had possibly been smoking cannabis, thought Mr Simms had stolen £60 from another homeless man earlier that day.

He said that is what led to the brawl during the early evening, which left 42-year-old Mr Simms with a cut to his ear and two stab wounds in his back.

Mr Vass added that Mr Simms claimed that during the stabbing the men tried to take the money they had accused him of stealing earlier in the day. He then staggered to a nearby pizza restaurant covered in blood, and members of the public called an ambulance.

Cassidy, who was living in a hostel in Victoria Road, Cambridge, was arrested several days afterwards when his name was given to police.

The 25-year-old, who was on licence after being sentenced to 45 months for a dwelling burglary in February 2003, was remanded in custody while he waited for the case to come to crown court.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth jailed Cassidy to two years, minus 188 days for his time spent on remand.

I don't understand. Shouldn't he also be serving the remainder of the 45 month sentence ?

There'll be more early release stories soon, courtesy of the Probation Service.


Anonymous said...

Re Goldstraw.
I can't recall the last time a news story made me so furious. I am sick to death of these liberal maggots who proclaim "prison doesn't work". If this murdering scumbag had been imprisoned for murder the first time around he would never have been in the position to murder four more people. How hard a concept is this too grasp?

Anonymous said...

Re: Myers:

"It is so serious that we are thinking of a custodial sentence."

Nice to know our guardians of justice are 'thinking' about a custodial sentence..... Is there really anything to think about in this case?

Pity the dog was put down, and not the owner....

Re: the other two:

"There'll be more early release stories soon, courtesy of the Probation Service."

Oh, yes, count on this.

madne0 said...

"Pity the dog was put down, and not the owner...."


Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:43 - "if this murdering scumbag had been imprisoned for murder the first time around ...".

Imprisoned? Hello? For murder? For imperiously ending the life of a human being before that person's natural span? And you think he should have been imprisoned?

Why not executed and get rid of any possible future activity along the same lines?

The British people were never consulted about ending the death penalty. But that it worked is demonstrated vividly by the yoy explosion of murder in Britain.

BTW, when I lived in France, every French person I discussed this with also felt the raw outrage and also wanted the peine de mort reinstated. A desire for "natural justice" transcends national borders.

Anonymous said...
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Laban said...

Only by due process of law, I trust.

PS - you're not a cat, are you?