Sunday, July 02, 2006


The game - same as last time.

It's a little incident before kick-off that caught my attention. As Beckham stepped up to the microphone and started telling us about the evils of racism, my daughter said 'what about people who are racist to us ?' then told me a story.

The day before, Susan took our two youngest up to Ragley Hall near Stratford-on Avon, which has a giant kids adventure playground. Daughter and son were playing when they were approached by two older boys whom she described as 'brown'.

To my son : "What's your name, white chocolate ?"

To my daughter : "What's your name, white pussy ?"

She is nine years old. She didn't get the sexual reference but she knew they weren't trying to be nice. "I ignored them", she said. Probably a good thing I wasn't there.

She, like primary school children all over England, has been taught that racism is something bad that white people do to brown people. The people who teach her grew up in a world where that was just about a feasible approach, but they're educating children who will grow up in a world where they will be the minority in increasingly large areas. By teaching such things they're betraying those kids.


ba ba said...

Vote BNP

Laban said...

that won't, however, stop the unpleasantness that exists in human hearts ... I'd just like her teachers to be realistic. They're educating her to face the racial issues of the 1960s, not of 2010.

Anonymous said...

There should be no "racial issues" in our country. We are a large majority Caucasian nation, as is the rest of Europe. These people are immigrants to our territory. They have been given way, way, way too much power by the communists in No 10, of which No 1 Head Honcha is the terrifying Cherie Blair. Look at the damage she has accomplished through her puppet.

(I assume everyone knows she stood for Parliament and was rejected by the voters. So they decided to run him, instead.)

Anonymous said...

tottenhamlad reports on too many whites in the countryside.

and not long ago Nick Owen from BBC Midlands news was reporting and enthusing over an 'experiment' to make Birmingham the first non-white city in Europe.

Where are we supposed to go!

Anonymous said...

my 3 year old was the butt of racism - a bunch of Indian kids wouldnt play with her at our local beer garden because she was called "white" to her face.

i'm not making this up. and quite frankly i was staggered.

(and it wasnt in beeston or some northern hell hole - this was down in the relatively easy going countryside of the south of england)

Squander Two said...

Well, why the hell would they play with her? Would you play with someone whom all your teachers and leaders kept assuring you hated you?

Anonymous said...

good point squander two. i never thought of it that way, hence my bewilderment about the incident.

Anonymous said...