Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Broad And Pleasant Road News

Syphilis up. Abortions up.

Sexual infection diagnoses have been almost continually rising since the 1990s, with the highest increases in recent years being seen in the 16 to 24 age group.

We obviously need more and earlier sex education.


Anonymous said...

How about this "more and earlier sex education" coming from the home along with a bit of discipline....or is this too much to ask of parents nowadays?

Cantabrian said...

Anonymous, are you a parent yourself? Do you understand the constant undermining that has taken place over the past 20-30 years in regards to parents' rights to discipline their children and to the encroachment of the state into private family life? Sex education taught in schools is based on the assumption that kids are going to do it anyway so at least make sure they take precautions. There is, as far as I know, no emphasis on purity/chastity, self-respect, or the consequences (physical and emotional) of early sexual activity.
To discuss these aspects would probably be seen as not "values neutral" and therefore in some way, harmful to the child in some vague, ill-defined if STDs and abortion were not.

Anonymous said...

Cantabrian..yes I am a parent, I would not presume to comment if otherwise.
A parent has all the rights in the world to discipline their children, not to hit the children quite rightly, but to spend their parenting time in trying to point their children in the right direction and to encourage respect for themselves and others. It may not always work and, from experience, the parent is often regarded as "not popular", "a stuck record" etc. but, from observation, I think there is some very sloppy parenting nowadays and too much regard for "PC".
But hey, I might be regarded as a grumpy old woman and my boys are now men but they often talk of, with amusement, the times I chased them round the garden with a wet dishcloth swiping at their legs over some dastardly deed!
Big as they are they know I would do it all over again if I thought they were not behaving in a respectful manner.