Thursday, July 06, 2006

Critically Injured Musician - Green Party Candidate Arrested

Via Tim Blair.

"Billy Leeson, 19, lead singer with rock band Les Incompetents who have supported Pete Doherty's group Babyshambles, is fighting for his life after falling into a coma when his head hit the ground after the punch was thrown.

A man who handed himself in to police appeared in court this morning and was released on bail.

New Zealander Christian Briggs, 30, appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court today charged with causing grievous bodily harm after he allegedly attacked Billy Leeson in Islington last month.

Dressed in a pale green shirt and grey trousers, a gaunt-looking Briggs spoke only to confirm his name and personal details in the 10-minute hearing.

Briggs, of Haringey, north London, was ordered to stand £10,000 bail, surrender his passport and observe a curfew at his sister's home in Kingston-on-Thames. "

Mr Briggs is a Green Party candidate.

An Iraq "Human Shield".

A man who considers the 7/7 bombings to be 'the chickens coming home to roost'. Unless MI5 did it.

"... you can enjoy your pint of beer in the sun and ignore the murderous actions of your so-called democratic government in faraway lands, but don't go complaining when someone comes looking for some justice in the form of a bomb under your ass."

"Whether this was the act of MI6/MI5 operatives or the so-called 'Al-Qaeda' ..."

A blogger who scorns those who defend accidental killers, but who quotes approvingly Emma Goldman : "Crime is naught but misdirected energy".

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Anonymous said...

It makes a kind of tragic sense that the perp is a kind of green human shield sort of guy - the type of person who calls himself an 'activist'. I hope he gets a custodial for attempted murder.