Friday, January 20, 2006

Interesting ...

Never heard of Radical and Right, but they've been photoblogging the demos (pro and anti) outside the BNP trial.

Not all the photos load - in fact only the top half on each page. Not being that much of a Web techie, I'd try doubling the number of pages while halving the number of snaps on each.

Can't quite work out where R&R are coming from politically. Obviously sympathetic to the BNP from a free speech perspective, but they think the 'media class' are responsible for all our ills.

"It is our belief that in the last 20 years the Media Class has become the dominant class in Western Society and like all emerging dominant classes in history, it is in the process of changing society to suit its class interests. The characteristics of this new Class will gradually be covered in occasional articles on this site and we use the term "Class" in the Marxist sense, as in "Feudal Class" and "Industrial Capitalist Class". "

Hmm. I think they're getting causes and symptoms mixed up, but I hope 'media class' isn't code for "rootless cosmopolitans" aka the Dreaded Zionist Conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

? hmm, I thought it was also your opinion that a new liberal elite blame for a lot of our problems? is that not largely the same as the media class?

Anonymous said...

I was at Leeds on Monday. I traveled 100 miles to support free speech. I am not a member of the BNP but I don't believe in persecuting people because of their opinions. We either have a democracy or we don't.
I can tell you that the BNP are not skinhead thugs, rather they are ordinary working class people.
The highlight was the sermon from a member of the Christian Council of Britain who bravely preached despite the intimidation from the lefty mob.
By the way both sides were even on the day.