Saturday, January 21, 2006

More on Richard Dorkins

The Dumb One on top form :

"Why else is Dawkins so enraged by religion ? It surely can’t be because he genuinely feels that filthy rich, Oxbridge media stars are oppressed by farmers in Welsh hill villages. Nope – Dawkins doesn’t object to religion because the religious impose their agenda on people like him, but because it hinders people like him imposing their agenda on the religious."

Howard Jacobson in the Indie :

"At a rough emotional count I'd say he recruited a million new believers for every minute he was on the box. Nothing returns one quicker to God than the sight of a scientist with no imagination, no vocabulary, no sympathy, no comprehension of metaphor, and no wit, looking soulless and forlorn amid the wonders of nature."


Anonymous said...

For those interested in the Dawk's lunacies, you may wish to see my (and others') posts here: t...r.html#comments

and: t...k.html#comments

Anonymous said...

I suspect the reason Dawkins is so annoyed is that he is an evolutionary biologist and is tired of people telling him the dinosaurs and trilobites were killed off by the Flood - and by the way you will go to hell for believing otherwise.

At least Dawkins is not trying to force everyone to use a version of the Bible rewritten by him to declare that God made Man using natural selection.

He could call it Evolutionary Christianity. :-)

Anonymous said...


In north Oxford, the Dawk is extremely unlikely to meet anyone
telling him the dinosaurs and trilobites were killed off by the Flood - and by the way you will go to hell for believing otherwise. Of course, he could try here, if barking, almost humourless Protestant fundamentalism is his bag:

(though don't try questioning PCG about his criteria for Biblical interpretation, as he'll tell you are being impertinent and/or presumptuous!)

Meanwhile, have you even read the links I've provided above? The Dawk is stupid ---- and he should NOT be occupying a Chair of Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He is an intellectual disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Religion is the opium of the dumb.

If there is a God, why does he allow such suffering in the world?

If he does, then he is evil and must be fought against, not worshipped.

Religion divides people, and encourages it's followers to look down upon and hate those who do not follow.

Anonymous said...

What is so interesting is that the Dawk is being criticised by fellow atheists! The man is unbalanced, if not deranged.

cloudface said...

The argument about 'if God exists why does he let bad things happen?' is overtly simplistic-just because a being has or had the power to create life doesn't guarantee that same being can keep a tab on or exert control over 7 billion lesser versions of themselves..any 10 year old that's played the Sims would understand this concept..