Friday, January 20, 2006

A Worthy Petition

Oliver Kamm reports an online petition dedicated to protecting Iraq's academics from murderous attack.

Strange, I thought. The average head-chopper's not going to take much notice of a petition.

Silly me. The petition's aimed at the real murderers - the Americans !

The good news is multiple voting seems to be allowed. I wonder how long my contributions (between 4410 and 4420) will last. See if you can spot them.

I see that a Dr Al-Ali Nadje of Exeter University is a signatory. I wonder if, like his Exeter colleague Kamil Mahdi, he thinks we're just not taking enough casualties ?


Anonymous said...

Vegetarians for Palestine (Harpenden)

nice one

but surprised that Amanda Hugenkis hasn't signed up yet?

Anonymous said...

4526 looks a bit suspect too

Pods said...

4388. Norma J F Harrison further knowledge vs. religion-ism; build socialismcommunism toward the withering away of the state. U.S.A. Peace and Freedom Party, a socialist party on the ballot in California, USA start with women's rights, to understand liberation for all people.

Gotcha ?

Anonymous said...

I think they have sussed you.

4547 and 4548 are still there at present.

Pods said...

So many professors in that list.

Anonymous said...

4547 is still up, but you need to read it backwards.

Anonymous said...

4569 looks dodgy. If this is the guy: