Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Immigration and the BBC

I've always said that the BBC are neutral betwen Tories and labour - they're happy to attack the Tories (from the left) or Labour (from the left).

Good to hear this from the BBC's ex-business editor, Jeff Randall.

But surely the BBC's journalists give the government a hard time?

'They attack Labour ministers, but usually for not being sufficiently left-wing.'

On business :

'On the whole, they treated business as if it was a criminal activity'

On the BBC and immigration :

'Whenever we had an anti-immigration interviewee, it was a Nazi with a tattoo on his face who looked like he'd just bitten the head off a cat. I pointed out that it's the white working class who have to make immigration work. Immigrants don't move to Hampstead, mate'.

and on BBC bias :

'It's not a conspiracy. It's visceral. They think they are on the middle ground'

via Biased BBC

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