Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh. My. God.

AL Kennedy is writing a new novel.

You'll never guess what it's about.

"FRANKFURT, Germany (AFP) Friday October 21, 2005
Scottish author A.L. Kennedy said that she was writing a new novel set in World War II in part inspired by the war in Iraq , which she bitterly opposes.
"It's a historical novel set in World War II but it will reflect the other war. It would have been about Iraq even if it had nothing to with war," she told AFP at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Kennedy has regularly attacked the British government over joining the US-led invasion of Iraq."

I noticed her recent absence from the Guardian. What I want to know is this. Some of her fixations (blood for one) will fit into a novel set in WW2 - the Germans even used depleted uranium shells in the conflict. But how is she's going to get porn, Bush'n'Blair, Christians, reality TV, home shopping channels and the legendary plastic thanksgiving turkey into 1939-45 ?

I hope the whole novel is written in this style - could be a comedy classic.

UPDATE - the German WW2 uranium WASN'T depleted - it was a full-on U238/235 mix with much more radioactivity than depleted uranium. In 1943 tungsten (which they used for their armour-piercing solid shot) supplies from Portugal were stopped and Albert Speer turned over the German stockpile of 1200 tons of uranium ore to replace the tungsten. I suppose it's better than what they could have made from it.

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