Sunday, October 23, 2005

Freedom Is Slavery

"You have to treat people differently to treat them equally" - Lee Jasper, race adviser to Ken Livingstone, quoted in Kenan Malik's fascinating Prospect essay, Born In Bradford. (via Harry)

And talking of Lee Jasper, one of the studio guests on Radio Five last night said that the protests againt the alleged sexual assault had been organised by one young activist. Impressive stuff for an unknown young man - pity about the dead and injured. Publicity for the protests had been provided by pirate radio stations.

Lee Jasper (whom I first heard of on Radio Five years ago, describing himself as a social worker from Bradford) was once such a young firebrand - it didn't take a lot to turn him into the sort of good egg who's down the police station, pleading with the youth to stay calm. How does the old song go, to the tune of the Red Flag ?

The working class
Can kiss my ****
I've got the foreman's job at last

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