Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cheeky Chappy

I've mentioned Birmingham's Liberal Democrat leader John Hemming before, in connection with his struggle against the Labour Party's institutionalised vote frauds in the city.

John Hemming won inner-city Yardley from Labour in the 2005 election, thanks to the anti-war votes of his many Muslim constituents and a campaign which could have been designed by Al Quaeda - or Respect.

He obviously finds a bit of spare time, though. Either that or he's emulating his constituents and taking an extra "wife". The magnificent headline "MP's mistress gives birth to baby girl" which calls a spade the proverbial shovel is only matched by Mr Hemming's brass neck.

Mr Hemming said his wife Christine had shown her support and was "there if Emily needs any help".

That man's got more front than Birmingham Town Hall.

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