Monday, October 24, 2005

Birmingham - Press Reports

Times, Guardian, Indie, Telegraph, Times again. I won't bother with the BBC, who don't seem capable of looking the story in the eye.

I hear a lot about 'hate sites' and 'hate speech'. I wonder what kind of police reaction there'd be to a site where native Brits came out with stuff like :

Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2005 18:01

I have just passed through that hair and beauty shop in perry barr.There are loads of black people protesting there.

Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2005 18:02

Protesting??? Someone needs to find a can of petrol and some matches

Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2005 18:06

Im going to the committe meeting.

About time we stood up to them flat-batty-harking-and-spitting-indians.

You get what you deserve - we should boycott their businesses from NOW

They feed off us like were a carcass. Unite!

Wheres marcusgarveylives when you need him eh.

UPDATE - the above posts are on a site called Blackchat - and they've been moderated ! I've only looked at the first page but by the comments one of the (thankfully) censored posts called for throats to be slit. You'd have to go to stormfront or similar to find such vile idiocy from a native.

Interestingly, on November 5th another ethnically-based group is calling a protest in Yorkshire, following allegations of sexual assault and paedophile grroming by members of another community. I wait with interest to see if, as happened for the Lozells meeting, senior local police and the local MP turn up. On second thoughts, senior police probably will turn up - to arrest the protesters.

Meanwhile ...

UPDATE2 - Brum is also having trouble with vampires. Impressive rumour mill ...

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