Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Doom And Gloom

What a depressing day. Poor Rory Blackhall turns out to have been murdered. I don't know why, but I haven't been so upset by a child murder since Damilola Taylor. Let's hope that Rory's parents get justice - which is more than Damilola's have.

It's a comfort to reflect that when his killer is caught, the Liberal Democrats will struggle to ensure that the murderer gets the vote which Rory will never use. Johann Hari will consider the murderer to be among 'the most abused and brutalised in our society'. And if the poor killer has to empty his slop-bucket in jail, he can expect a share of the £44m taxpayer compo for this ghastly breach of man's inalienable human right to a flush toilet.

The second depressing story is the total victory of the Newchurch terrorists. What's remarkable is the inability of Staffordshire Police to prevent an entire community being terrorised, and the refusal of the judges to protect them.

It's a pound to a pinch of s***, as they say in the Black Country, that there will be gloating in the pages of the Guardian within two days. Watch this space. (Update - Majority Rights aren't pleased either).

Enough of this gloom. Let's lighten up with a couple of cheery tales of underclass life.

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