Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Guns N' Drugs

Once upon a time shootings were a rarity in the UK.

Let's have a look at icSouthLondon - a fine site.

August 23

A teenager and a party-goer were blasted by gunmen in separate shootings in the early hours of Sunday.

Gun-toting gangsters 'use Islam as a cloak'

August 19

A gunman chased down and fired at two men and women before riding off on a motorbike. The man was spotted chasing the group in Choumert Grove, Peckham Rye, shortly after 7pm on Tuesday.

Four men were cut down by machine-gun fire in a gangland-style shooting.
Miraculously, all escaped serious harm when a gunman opened fire in a car park off Neville Close, Peckham, shortly before midnight on Wednesday.

A gunman frantically hunting for "stolen" drugs held a pistol to a young mum's head and threatened to execute her, a court heard.
Shari Campbell was ordered to kneel on her bedroom floor as Robert Cassan aimed his gun at her head, jurors were told. Having ransacked her South London home, Cassan allegedly told her: "You don't love life. I'm going to kill you."

Shotgun thugs bundled a terrified man into a side street in broad daylight and opened fire.
Passing motorists watched in disbelief as the mob made a grab for their victim in busy Catford Hill and dragged him into Elm Lane.

August 18

Two men accused of shooting a man in the leg at a nightclub pleaded not guilty at the Old Bailey last week.

August 12

A barber was blasted in the stomach as he opened up his shop.

August 2

A boy of eight was blasted in the head with a shotgun in a sickening road-rage shooting.

Not bad at all for less than a month (I've ignored the stabbings and beatings to death). In fact you can find over 150 stories where Operation Trident detectives are involved, so Lord knows how many there are altogether.

This one's particularly sad.

They poured a can of fuel over the elderly man as he lay in bed, Southwark Coroner's Court heard.
One of the attackers opened fire as the brave pensioner beat them back into the hallway.
As Mr Speid lay dying, the gunmen set fire to the flat in Bob Marley Way, Brixton, the inquest heard.

One love, one heart, eh ? Stories like that show why the natives are running away.

Still, I don't want you to get the idea that the Native Brits don't have some bad boys as well. Here's a genuine and unpleasant (though non-lethal) Islamophobic attack.

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