Friday, June 17, 2005

Sir Ian Blair ... Professional Psychologist

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian ("Do you know who I am ? Blair is going to hear about this") Blair is a true son of New Labour.

He knows how people should spend their money better than they do.

Londoners who pay for private security guards to protect their homes have been branded "crazy" by the Met police chief.

Sir Ian Blair accused residents' groups of "wasting their money" on the patrols and urged them to put their faith in his force instead.

The Evening Standard revealed last month that more than 50 communities now pay for security guards on public streets in and around London.
The total excludes "gated developments" where guards keep the public out of private property.
Members of schemes typically-contribute £1,000 a year for round-the-clock foot or car patrols and panic buttons in their homes.
Security companies say demand is being fuelled by high-profile violent robberies and a lack of beat bobbies.

I wonder if he's ashamed that people have to hire private guards in what within living memory used to be one of the safest cities in the world ?

Good news though - the government is taking action. Not against crime, of course - don't be stupid. Against the security guards.

From next year, private guards will need to pass tests in how to deal with confrontations before they are licensed. This will add to the cost but security firms hope it will increase public confidence and encourage more schemes.

Funny - I thought anyone had the right to confront criminals - and arrest them. What happened to the citizen's arrest ?

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