Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Broadband Blues ....

No broadband since Saturday = light blogging. Inshallah it'll be back by the weekend.

Meanwhile, via 56K ...

I didn't know quite what to make of the Michael Jackson trial, but it seemed likely that there were only two possibilities :

a) he was so naive that he thought he could commit illegal acts without being prosecuted.

b) he was innocent, but so naive he thought he could sleep (as in 'zzzz') with children and not find the world and their lawyers on his back.

I tended towards b).

In our age where sex is a motive for everything, people find it hard to imagine an interest in children that isn't sexual.

Have a look at this site, where full many a Victorian hero is held up to the light of late twentieth-century psychoanalysis (there was also a desire to show our Imperial heroes as having feet of clay. As the sociologists would say, it is no accident that such texts are a product of the late twentieth centiry counterculture).

So Montgomery of Alemain and General Gordon are 'paedophiles' although there is no evidence of anything greater than a love of children.

I prefer the verdict of the great McGonagall on Gordon.

He always took the Bible for his guide,
And he liked little boys to walk by his side;
He preferred their company more so than men,
Because he knew there was less guile in them.

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