Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Today Programme ....

James Naughtie (RealAudio) - "Patti Smith, I've never heard of you, but our editor listened to you a lot when he was off his face back in 1978. Would you like a couple of minutes to abuse President Bush ?"

Smith - "Why, thank you Jim ... in bed with the corporations ... extreme right ... illegal war ..."

Naughtie - "Thank you very much"

Naughtie (RealAudio) - "Education Minister Jaquie Smith, these City Academies of yours - there is growing evidence that they are failures"

Smith - "They are a success"

Naughtie - "If they are successful, is there not a danger of a two tier education system ?"

The above may not quite be a verbatim transcript. But it "illustrates a wider truth".

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