Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bloomin Broadband

It's been up and down like a navvy's pick over the last few days. Meanwhile ...

Following the riots in Paris and Perpignan, they're beach partying in Lisbon, where large gangs swept a tourist beach, mugging and assaulting.

Internet coverage states that "The attackers are believed to come from some of the capital's poorest suburbs."

BBC Radio news said last night the attackers were Cape Verdeans, from the former Portuguese colony.

I yield to no man in my scorn for the footballer Lee Bowyer, as nasty a piece of work as ever insulted a McDonalds employee or changed his shoes for no very good reason.

But for once I agree with the Observer over the Crown Prosecution Service's decision to charge Bowyer with public order offences after handbags were swung at St. James's Park.

Haven't They Got Better Things To Do ?

I almost agree with Poll Pot, too, on the proposed Religious Hatred laws. Good job the Modern Crusader's not UK-based. He'd be banged up pretty sharpish.

The good news is that a prosecution has to be approved by a Labour politician - the Attorney-General.

So 'Death To America' and 'Kill The Jews' will still be OK.

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