Wednesday, June 01, 2005

An Altamont For The Me Generation ?

300,000 people on the streets of Edinburgh at Hogmanay were considered too dangerous. After crushes the limits were reduced to 150,000 and the streets cordoned off.

Now a group of millionaires domiciled in places like Paris and the Caribbean have called for a million people to come to Edinburgh in July for G8 protests. They have called for children to 'bunk off school' to attend (Scottish children will already be on holiday). No word yet on whether their own children will bunk off that Swiss finishing school or French lycee.

Mixed reaction at the BBC.

"It might cause major disruption but who cares?"

"People are going to be crushed to death."

"The protest is for the dignity of human lives and is a gargantuan cause. I believe that Edinburgh should embrace the protest. Over and above this, there should be protests all over Scotland and the UK to show the solidarity of the human race in a such a worthy cause."

"1,000,000 people will simply not fit into the heart of Edinburgh, people are going to die."

"I'm amazed by the number of negative comments."

Negative at Booker Rising.

"Big white men and self-appointed mouthpieces from up high come down to paternalistically save the 'lowly' African, like a bad Tarzan movie. Hmm...."

The Policeman dusts down the riot gear but relishees all that lovely overtime.

"Most officers were looking forward to sitting in a carrier for a couple of weeks not picking up any paperwork until “Sir Bob” decided to open his mouth.

I suspect that any hope of a quiet life has now gone and it will be all hands to the riot shields, much to the disappointment of English officers. "

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