Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This Seems A Bit Off ...

Imagine an IRA bomb killing Protestants in Ulster. The Loyalist response ? To attack and burn down a McDonalds, killing all its (Ulster-born) staff.

The ostensible reason ? American ambivalence over republicanism and IRA violence.

Seems unlikely. Yet in Karachi six Kentucky Fried Chicken employees are dead - in reaction to a suicide bomb attack by Sunnis on a Shia mosque.

Shi'ite mobs often target symbols of U.S. influence after sectarian attacks as they accuse the government of failing to act to prevent religious violence.

The attack on the KFC outlet came just minutes after attack on the Karachi mosque.

Mobs of angry Shi'ite youths also attacked a hospital, two petrol stations and burned more than a dozen vehicles.

Weird. After all, Americans DID send money to the IRA, and politicians like Edward Kennedy WERE equivocal about IRA violence. As far as I know, the American Government and people could be said to be strongly against Sunni suicide bombers.

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