Sunday, May 29, 2005

That Didn't Take Long, Did It ?

Last week I blogged on the latest bright wheeze of the pro-criminal lobby - giving prisoners free Internet access. In the post I noted the "total media dominance (particularly in the BBC - where Guardian Man reigns supreme) of the pro-criminal view".

And right on cue, here's this week's Learning Curve on Radio Four.

Libby Purves is joined by Steve Taylor, Director of the Forum on Prisoner Education and one of the authors of the report; Per Thrane, a Danish Prison Educator who has pioneered a similar scheme in Denmark, and Barry Sheerman MP, veteran parliamentary education expert and Chair of the Select Committee on Education and Skills, whose major report six weeks ago also recommended more internet access.

Three people who want prisoners to have Internet access.

The BBC. Diversity of everything. Except ideas.

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