Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's Hay Time ...

The Guardian Hay-on-Wye Witterary Festival is with us once more. My post from last year still stands.

The Today programme has been plugging the Festival (RealAudio) quite shamelessly. As the BBC site says "James Naughtie visits the Hay-on-Wye's 19th book festival (sic)"

On Saturday James (or 'Jim') Naughtie appeared at the Festival, interviewing Rory Bremner and chairing a lecture by Thomas Friedman of the NYT. The same day John Humphrys talked about the English Language. On Sunday Naughtie hosted a late night debate on our relationship with the US.

So why not get paid twice and interview one of your fellow authors for the Today programme (RealAudio) while you're there ? About the racist English, of course, a subject to which the famously unbiased Naughtie can bring his traditional balance.

Also on the bill - Andrew Marr and Feargal Keane. Oh, and Greg Dyke. These people live in a closed world.

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