Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Salford City Council - Tough On Crime

The theory :

"Achieving a real reduction in crime and disorder is one of the biggest challenges facing Salford. We recognise that crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime have a significant and damaging impact on our city and its various communities. The Salford Crime and Disorder Partnership is committed to working with communities to ensure that we act effectively to reduce incidents of crime and disorder and tackle the causes of crime."

The practice :

"A teacher who was jailed for firing an air pistol during a confrontation with a teenage gang was sacked last night for bringing the special needs school where she worked into disrepute.

Linda Walker was suspended on full pay from her job at New Park high school in Eccles, Salford, following the incident last August."

The panel who sacked Mrs Walker were Almut Bever-Warren, Paul Greenway, and Samantha Betts.

The day of the hearing, also in Salford :

"The father of four left critically ill after confronting yobs who threw a stone at his car had resisted repeated pleas from his family to move because he was proud of living in Salford.

Phil Carroll, 48, who was punched to the ground during an argument with three hooded youths, suffering serious head injuries, has undergone a second emergency operation to relieve pressure on his brain."

Good to see the council getting their priorities right, isn't it ?

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