Friday, May 20, 2005

Honeysuckle Blossoms From The Curate's Garden

"Women almost never die from abortion here" - Ann Furedi of the British Promotion of Abortion Service.

Apart from the over two and a half million female infants killed since 1967, that is.

Labour MP Jon Cruddas in the Guardian :

"Over the past couple of years, our area has become the fastest-growing and the fastest-changing community in London. The key driver has been the private housing market - we have the lowest-cost housing in London. Until a couple of years ago, it would have been described as white working class."

"Migrant labour is the axis of our whole domestic agenda"

"The cornerstone of New Labour has been the fundamental assumption that people in communities like Dagenham have nowhere else to go. Yet the white working class is beginning to develop an allegiance with the far right; the Labour party has, in their eyes, deserted them."

And this one's a classic :

"The government is setting up an expert group to advise it on how to "deliver a culture of respect" in all schools."

They haven't got a clue, have they ?

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