Saturday, May 21, 2005

Only In Scallyland ...

Four council workers from Merseyside who allegedly used CCTV cameras as a "peeping tom" tool have been charged with voyeurism.

It is claimed the men, who worked for Sefton Council, pointed a street safety camera into a woman's flat.

As we know, banning hoodies is a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to a perceived rise in anti-social behaviour, driven by a Daily Mail agenda and a longing for a lost golden age of low crime, which never of course existed.

Whereas wearing a fez is an affront to Turkish democracy which no sensitive and civilised traveller should consider.

I'm not sure how many sensitive and civilised people are travelling to Istanbul. A better way to discourage the fez might be to say "remember what happened to those Leeds fans".

Talking of which ....

"A Turkish court has ordered the release of the main suspect in the fatal stabbings of two Leeds United fans in Istanbul five years ago.
The court agreed to release Ali Umit Demir pending his retrial because of recent changes in Turkish law passed as part of Turkey's bid to join the EU.

Demir was due to have left the prison on Monday, his lawyer Ozkan Ozmen said.

His conviction for stabbing Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight in April 2000 was overturned on appeal in 2003."

His conviction was overturned because it could only be proved that the blood of one of the deceased, not two, was on his knife.

Good to see that Turkish justice is fast becoming as effective as our own.

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