Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And As If By Magic ...

"And what next ? Women in burkas ?"

Yazza in yesterday's Indie.

"The old class and gender order needed to be shaken up, but with careless disregard, important restraints and obligations were also swept away".

Yes, you can chuck away that water and keep the baby in the bathtub.

"Self-gratification was made into the central human imperative, the driver of all success, the meaning of life"

Hey, lighten up, babe. Chill. If it feels good, do it. You need to talk to Alison Broom.

Yazza spent the weekend at the delightful home of "BBC TV journalist Sue Lloyd-Roberts". In Majorca. As you do. But no moral panic merchant she. At least she acknowledges a problem. Convert to Evangelical Christianity, Yasmin, or at least take Islam seriously. Have you read Sayyid Qutb ? Then join the Mail. Don't fight it.

"We met several expats at the party. One reason they gave for moving away from Britain was the erosion of kindliness and good manners in the old country. People were rough, rude, violent and incapable of social grace. Respect was gone, for people and property, they said ... the basics of civilised behaviour seem to drain away ... travelling on a bus or walking in a park too often feels like being caught in a scene from Mad Max"

Who to blame ?

"The Bluewater shopping centre and others like it, which have killed the human spirit in this country"

Oh dear. I don't like the temples of the consumer god any more than you do, Yazza. But its a symptom, not a cause. You really ought to read Peter Hitchens. I think you'd enjoy it.

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