Friday, February 11, 2005

White Flight And BBC Bias

So the figures confirm that native Londoners are getting out. Surprise surprise.

The BBC report and most of the press coverage is couched, perhaps unhelpfully, in terms of 'black' and 'white'. Given recent large movements of people from Eastern Europe this may not necessarily show the whole picture.

Once again the BBC gives us unbiased reporting, lining up a couple of spokespeople to criticise the report.

Migrationwatch, which is totally independent and funded by people putting their hands in their pockets, are to the BBC "the self-styled Migrationwatch UK pressure group".

The Immigration Advisory Service, described by the BBC yesterday as 'an independent charity', gets most of its money from the Home Office. Very independent.

And of course we can trust Keith Best, IAS chairman, to tell it like it is. He wouldn't go in for deception, would he ?

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