Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Is there anyone out there who missed the story of the Welsh rugby follower who said if Wales beat England he'd cut off his testes ? Frankly I think that's taking things too far.

"He came back later wearing a kilt with his testicles in a bag," a fellow fan who was with Mr Huish at the social club told the Daily Mirror.

"He lifted the kilt up to show everyone what he had done. There was blood everywhere, it was terrible. That's when he collapsed."

Mr Huish was rushed to hospital with his testicles carried in a pint glass full of ice. He is now in a serious condition.

Press coverage in the rugby playing nations is mixed. I hope they're taking this seriously.

Fan's Punt a balls-up - Australia

Rugby Fan has no balls - South Africa

Welsh Fan in balls-up - New Zealand

Not to mention stories about missing tackles.

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