Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fairytale of New York

And the practices of Mr Richard Desmond's (Daily Express owner, porn mag king, Labour donor - how the Labour Party is fallen) business associates. Philip Bailey was apparently Desmond's top aide. He's left the company now. Can't imagine why.

The limo hurtled east toward the river. "Do you know why we're here, you British bastard?" one of the men said. Bailey tried to keep his dignity. "If you know I'm British [you know] this approach won't get you anywhere," he said. In response, the gunman produced a box cutter and slashed Bailey several times on the face.

"We're here because of your f***ing boss, Desmond," the gunman shouted. "We want our money back. You tell your f***ing boss, it's a small pond. . . . If your boss sets foot here, he's a dead man. A f***ing dead man." He punctuated the threat with another zap to Bailey's groin from the stun gun. The beating and curses continued. The driver then told him, "We're gonna let you go; do you know how f***ing lucky you are? Tell your boss, you're the message." The two men in the back proceeded to grab Bailey's wallet, taking $70 and his Visa card. With the car still moving, they pushed the businessman out the door. Bailey went flying into the street.

As Bailey was lying there, the car screeched to a stop and then backed up toward him. Bailey thought he was about to be run over. Instead, the car stopped and the gunman got out, tossing Bailey's suitcase on top of him. He walked over to where Bailey lay sprawled and then stomped on his face. "Tell your boss he's a dead man," he said.

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