Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More Snowdrops From The Curate's Garden ...

Cash For Good Whoreses - prostitutes get £360,000 from Lottery.

The caring Probation Service.

Charlotte Wyatt Update - Judges say 'Choose Death"

While West Yorkshire Police have a team working 10-hour days (registration required) watching BNP meetings, in Bradford Asians are living in daily fear of assault and worse. Civitas and Anthony Browne on the fate of Muslims who convert to Christianity.

And while a teacher faces a 10 year sentence for firing an air-gun into the ground following a campaign of harassment by local yobs, the police are hard pressed - providing protection to gangsters. After all, criminals need more protection than other people - bacause their lifestyle is more dangerous. They have human rights too, you know.

Finally the Magna Mater Melanie on idiot PC Ian Blair. More on him in a day or two.

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