Monday, February 28, 2005

Cash For Good Causes Part 4

From the Sunday Times

"It is alleged that Comfort Afolabi, the 48-year-old head of the charity, put an undercover reporter posing as an asylum seeker in touch with an immigration fraudster who was selling fake passports.

The Big Lottery Fund, which distributes £600m a year to good causes, has suspended the charity’s latest grant of £200,000, which was awarded in March.

In a statement, the Big Lottery Fund said: “We have with immediate effect frozen the grant to DSHU and have begun an internal investigation into the organisation concerned.” "

They seem to make a habit of this - see stories here and here.

I criticise the BBC often enough, so credit to Radio Five for the investigation.

It almost makes up for James "toilet-mouth" Naughtie's Ken Tynan moment this morning when he made use of Anglo-Saxon (about 6.40 a.m, in a discussion of the Oscars).

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