Saturday, February 26, 2005

Self- Harm - It's All The Rage

I blogged a week or two back on (inter alia) the phemomenon of female prisoners cutting themselves.

Like tattoos, body piercings and heroin, it seems to be spreading from criminal subcultures to the mainstream. I thought March 1st was Dydd Dewi Sant, but in America it's "National Self-Injury Awareness Day". Can't wait for the Radio Five phone-ins.

According to the lovely Michelle Malkin, "actresses Angelina Jolie and Christina Ricci did it. So did Courtney Love (not deeply enough, IMHO - LT) and the late Princess Diana. On the Internet, there are scores of websites with titles such as "Blood Red," "Razor Blade Kisses" and "The Cutting World""

I think Razor Blade Kisses are actually a Goth band. But Cutting World seems kosher. How long before W.H. Smith is selling "What Modelling Knife ?", and the kids are looking for the latest (red-and-white striped, like the traditional barber's pole) awareness wristband, currently the must-have accessory among the 10-14 set ?

Uh-oh. Too late. Orange, if you want to know. Life imitates satire once again.

This is a public information post.

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