Monday, February 28, 2005

New US Atrocity

Guantanamera, My Lai, Hiroshima, Green Acres - and now this.

"The US has insisted abortion should not be recognised as a human right, at a review of progress 10 years after a major conference on women's rights".

Is there no end to the evil of this nation, condemning millions of pregnant women to give birth ?

Already the death-toll is rising. Among pregnant women.

"Illegal abortions are a major cause of death among mothers in many countries in Latin America, an international conference on the subject has been told."

Surely not among 'mothers' ? The whole point of abortion is to avoid that unhappy state, so indelibly associated with domestic violence, economic subjection, and grubby handprints on the newly painted walls.

"Unsafe and illegal abortion in Latin America is a social justice problem". It certainly is for the baby.

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