Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Not As Mad As Usual

A rather tedious AL Kennedy piece in today's Guardian. Usual insane premise ("Brits love torture" - bondage maybe), lots of lies, the usual themes ("Our dawn raids and detentions are so quiet, so nicely contained within the Muslim community. The civilians we are bombing and irradiating as you read this are so far away"), but it's rather dull. There's not the barely-suppressed hysteria, the feeling that her head's about to explode, which makes AL such a riveting read.

It's probably a good thing. Reading AL Kennedy's Guardian output is a little like watching the Stooges during Iggy's most wasted period, or more recently Shane MacGowan or Pete Doherty - the edge is the feeling that you're watching someone falling to bits right in front of you. This is a prime example. Hide the kitchen knives, someone !

Those who want more full-blown madness can visit the virtual shrine. But don't go here. Told you.

UPDATE - Scott Burgess points out a few inaccuracies in her work. I've long given up on that. Good link to this US fan ("If Bush gets into the White House again, I’m not sure I can stay here.") interview though.

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