Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Few More Links ...

I'll leave the late John Peel to Nottingham politics student blog Attempting Escape. I remember so well .. not Mr Peel, but studying politics. And Nottingham indeed - a dread pub called (I think) the Albany in the Hyson Green area, accompanied by a delightful social worker friend. Autre temps, autre moeurs.
Sounds like things ain't changed too much in the groves of academe these thirty years - but at least Jules has the Interweb-thingy as intellectual comfort-blanket. "You're not alone".

A link to the Cerebrate's Contemplations (website presumably hosted from home, as it's up and down like a navvy's pick). This man I do not understand. He's intelligent, gainfully employed, a techy to his bones (a nerd pays homage), and lives in one of the most beautiful parts of England, the northern hill country of County Durham. What does he need Prozac for ?

And a link to Tulip-Maria, who's apparently linked to me from her pink'n'fluffy blog for nearly a year. She seems to have a job either in journalism, broadcast media or PR - we would appear to have little in common. But those relationships can be the best - and if the women in her neck of the woods have all ticked box 106 it could make a trip to the library more interesting ...

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