Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'm impressed

Spot the money quote in this piece. Jonny Billericay is the Bad News Hughes of Norfolk.

Hat-tip - Squander Two.

PS - only a few moments to the big fight ! In the blue corner, undisputed heavyweight champ Michael 'Stupid White Man' Moore ! And in the red, from London, UK - the plucky challenger - big it up for Richard 'The Bigoted Homophobe' Liiittlejohhhnnnnn !

'Question Time' starts on BBC1 shortly. Video on, fire burning, red wine breathing - come on !

BBC One: Thursday, 28 Oct 2004 at 22:45 BST
BBC World: Saturday 30 October at 0810, 1410, 2110 GMT; Sunday 31 Oct at 1810 GMT

UPDATE - not as exciting as hoped - panellists Frum and Blumenthal are clever chaps with a huge knowledge of US politics - our hero realised this and intervened only rarely. I gave up after 20 minutes and went upstairs to download the entire Carmina Burana in MIDI - won't my son be surprised next time his mobile rings ?

If it turned into a rough-house later someone tell me - I've still got the video.

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