Saturday, October 30, 2004

Guess Who's Back, Back, Back

Well well. I thought he was dead.

He seems to think he's losing the WOT. In 2001 he was talking about the return of Al-Andalus (Spain to you and I) to the Islamic world. Now the message is 'don't touch us and we won't touch you'. Unless, as is possible, he feels that a reconquista of Spain is well under way. He may have a point at that, given their election result. US troops have left the holy sand of Saudi Arabia, fulfilling another demand. Maybe the war is closer than I thought.

UPDATE - I enjoyed an anonymous poster's comments on the Belmont Club blog. Apparently the complete transcript of OBL's video contains the following :

"The infidel George Bush is outsourcing America’s future with tax cuts to the wealthy. Where are the 1.6 million jobs? The infidel Bush is the first infidel since the infidel Herbert Hoover to lose jobs! Awake from your slumber, America! The infidel John Kerry has a plan. You can do better, Insha’Allah!”

“Let me tell you, I spoke to the infidel Christopher Reeve a week ago, and if the infidel John Kerry is elected President, Insha’Allah, the infidel Christopher Reeve will walk again!”

“Are you infidels aware that the infidel John Kerry killed infidels in a war of imperialist infidel aggression in Southeast Asia?”

“The infidel Mary Cheney is a lesbian.”

“Let me tell you, I spoke to the infidel Teresa. By Allah, did you not know that Laura Bush never had a real job!”