Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Tough Liberalism

The Lib Dems get tough on crime :

" ... that stops them going out and nicking a car the following Thursday, because they are looking forward to the car mechanic session and the go-karting and they don't have the need to nick the car and go joy-riding."

My kids would like to go karting but can't afford it. How many cars do they have to twoc before they get on the course ?

But that's not all.

"The plan for community justice panels is part of what Mr Oaten calls "tough liberalism" - policies which he says are liberal, effective, but not perceived as weak.

The challenge is to appeal to voters wanting a tough approach on crime while keeping support from those preferring a liberal stance.

Mr Oaten told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the idea of recruiting residents of estates or parishes to the panels was a "tough option" against offenders. "

The panels to consist of ordinary people from all walks of the community. A typical panel might comprise:

3 social workers
1 anti-racist smoking cessation co-ordinator
2 probation officers
1 Church of England vicar (female)
1 outreach co-ordinator
1 mental health issues researcher
1 BBC employee
2 disability rights champions

At least one member of the panel to be respectively
a) minority ethnic (visible - no Jews or Poles)
b) gay
c) hopelessly addicted to narcotics
d) mad
e) a believer that the Clash 'really meant something'.

No single member of the panel is to exhibit any more than three of the above.

With policies like this the Lib Dems will sweep to power.

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