Tuesday, September 21, 2004

"The demand out there is enormous"

A record day for hits on this site, unfortunately - as over 250 French, Italian and German Google users find me while looking for 'Eugene Armstrong decapitation video'.

A message for such visitors.

Allez, insérer votre tête dans le cul d'un ours mort !

Vada, inserire la vostra testa nel cul dell'orso guasto!

Gehen Sie Ihren Kopf im Arsch eines toten Bären einsetzen !

Much to my surprise, I stumble across a link to said video via one of Labour MP (and newly promoted whip - congrats) Tom Watson's links, of all people. The (nameless) blogger presents this justification for the link, which I have not followed. I presume it's genuine from the comments boxes, though.

"The ins and outs of publishing this type of information have been argued before, but I still believe people have a right to choose, should they wish to watch these videos. And the demand out there is enormous."

Exactly the same could be said of child pornography or rape videos. Why should a snuff video be different ? And the arguments against them are the same. These videos are made to be consumed. Given the difficulty of cutting supply, you must cut demand.

The blogger should cut his link. Failing that, Tom Watson should cut his.

UPDATE - Tom has mailed and will be doing the decent thing. No-one likes censorship, but snuff vids go beyond free speech as far as I'm concerned. And if these guys are making them for the world to view, the less the world views them the better.

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