Thursday, September 23, 2004

I Almost Forgot ...

What would William Blake have made of Popetown ? He may not have written this about it, but it 'illustrates a wider truth' Piers Morgan, Greg Dyke, Dan Rather).

I saw a chapel all of gold
That none did dare to enter in,
And many weeping stood without,
Weeping, mourning, worshipping.

I saw a serpent rise between
The white pillars of the door,
And he forc'd and forc'd and forc'd,
Down the golden hinges tore,

And along the pavement sweet,
Set with pearls & rubies bright,
All his slimy length he drew,
Till upon the altar white

Vomiting his poison out
On the Bread and on the Wine.
So I turn'd into a sty,
And laid me down among the swine.

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