Tuesday, September 21, 2004

BBC again ...

As we wait for news of kidnapped Briton Ken Bigley, the BBC website asks what our reaction to kidnapping should be.

How should foreign governments and private firms involved in Iraq respond to this spate of kidnappings? Is their first duty the safety of their people? Or is there a wider responsibility to stand firm in the face of brutality and blackmail?

Not an unreasonable question. But look at the answers. Nothing like answering the question. There is an editor/moderator - but you wouldn't know it.

The war is illegal and the Iraqis have the right to resist in any form!
Greenton, London, England

War is illegal as said by Kofi Annan recently. Americans and British should leave Iraq and leave the rest to UN or Iraqi people... America should be straight on Iraq i.e. what it wants - is it Iraqi oil? One should be aware that America has stopped democracy coming up in Iran. Freedom or democracy to Iraqis by Americans is hypocritical.
Suneel, London, UK

My reaction is extreme anger. I marched through the streets of London together with more than 500 thousand people to try and stop the war from happening. With every passing day I do realise how right I and millions of others around the world were in rejecting the war. Britain is a worse country because of it and we all live in fear of retaliation. I live in hope that whenever the next general elections take place, people will know better.
Carlos Cortiglia, London, UK

Tony Blair and George Bush should admit that they got it all wrong and pull out of Iraq. How many more innocent lives should go before they realise?
Rizy, Beeston, UK, Leeds, England

The US has failed in Iraq. It's over and it's time to get out! Who on Earth would argue we should "stay the course?" The course has led only to disaster and it's only going to get worse.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

It was the Americans and the British who turned Iraq into a haven for terrorists. They should now be forced to leave the country, while ensuring that all rebuilding costs are handed to the Americans and British. If they don't want to fit the bill for rebuilding Iraq, they should never have "gone it alone" in the first place. Only after the Americans and British have left Iraq, can peace even begin to come to the country.
Paul G, Toronto, Canada

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