Saturday, June 12, 2004

IWCA Gain Three Seats In Oxford

The Independent Working Class Association, the only left party which believes that crime and fear of crime is an objective reality, with an existence outside a Daily Mail columnists mind, have won three seats on Oxford Council. As I blogged last year, they've been doing good deeds for the people of Blackbird Leys (Oxford council estate or 'project' for you Statesiders, 'scheme' for Scots) for a few years now.

Tragically they've been so busy tackling crack dealers and anti-social behaviour that they haven't updated their Oxford site since April. But the IWCA national site has the details.

Over at urban75, the forum of the radical squatterati, the news has sent a teensy frissonette through the various 'left' posters, who have names like 'Rebel Warrior' which I don't think are meant to be ironic.

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