Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Labour Guide To Postal Vote Scams

"An investigation by The Times has discovered that Labour’s General Secretary is urging activists to set up bogus ballot boxes today outside traditional polling stations in all-postal voting areas.

A document issued by Matt Carter, which has been seen by The Times, suggests that the activists should wear red rosettes to maximise the number of last-minute Labour votes collected in the bogus boxes, and to deter supporters of other parties from handing over completed voting slips.

The 30-page document, sent out to all party workers, also deliberately defies advice by the Electoral Commission by suggesting that “if asked” campaigners should collect completed ballot papers at the doorstep."

"Among the tips imparted to activists, the booklet suggests nurturing a close relationship with electoral registration officers, delivering completed ballot papers on behalf of voters and carrying a mobile ballot box on polling day, the contents of which are then delivered by activists themselves.

The booklet, entitled The Labour Party Postal Vote Handbook 2004 bears the legend “making life easier, vote by post”. "

It is likely that Labour will consider electoral fraud a price well worth paying for an increased turnout. Which means that future elections where the result is tight will be decided by fraud and/or intimidation. Bad will drive out good as the losers decide 'they're doing it, so we'll have to'. The ruling party will be able to tilt the process, as the police ignore fraud by some parties but prosecute frauds by others. A whole new breed of lawyers specialising in electoral law will exist.

The future ? Soviet levels of turnout and Third World levels of fairness.

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