Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Those Evil Racist Flags

Dumb Jon and Expat Yank carry the torch of righteousness.

"Andrew Houseley, director of the Commission for Racial Equality Midlands, said he was concerned that some people felt threatened by the increase in flags on display in public."

Some people feel threatened by a Black guy walking within ten foot of them. We call these people bigots. What's the diff exactly ?

(from House of Dumb)

"But are these patriotic displays just an indication of support for the England squad in Euro 2004 or do they represent something else? . . ."

On a story like this one KNOWS immediately, which way the BBC is leaning:

". . . BBC News Online tracked down some flag bearers and non-flag bearers in Birmingham to see what they thought about the trend.

Geoff Marlow, owner of Kings Heath Photo Centre, said he will be hoisting a huge flag above his shop in the build up to Euro 2004.

"I'm all for it, it's our flag so why shouldn't we be entitled to fly it, you wouldn't go up to Scotland or Wales and tell them not to fly theirs. . ."

Ah, yes, we've been waiting for this:

". . .Non flag-bearers Tina Chauhan, 22, an administration clerk from Moseley, and Ali Azam, 22, a security worker from Moor Green, said they feared it could be used by some to incite racism."

(from Expat Yank)

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