Sunday, June 13, 2004

Man Versus Horse

For the first time a human has won the annual 22-mile Man versus Horse cross-country held in Mid-Wales each year. Photos from last year's race here.

27 year old IT consultant Huw Lobb, who finished fourth in this year's London Marathon, won the £25,000 prize.

"Everybody was cheering and shaking my hand and telling me I'd have to buy them a drink with my prize money," he said.

And on a totally different subject, which areas of England have the highest house price rises over the last nine years ? The home of provincial values, the market towns, where average prices have more than doubled. It isn't just hypocritical lefties to whom they appeal. Of course, as newcomers arrive the culture which attracted them is diluted and decays (there's probably now as much heroin in Cirencester or Tewkesbury as in Blackbird Leys) - but that's another story.

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