Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This Just In From The BBC

In a series of incidents last night, a drawing room was severely damaged.

Our reporter at the scene :

"Well, I can tell you this morning that this drawing room has been almost totally destroyed. The china cabinet has been destroyed and its contents smashed, all the furniture looks as if it's been sat on by something heavy - even the doors are smashed off their hinges. Witnesses have spoken of scenes of mindless violence. It almost looks as if some large animal had been in here wrecking everything ..." (noises of trumpeting and cries of 'it's coming!') ... "I'm afraid I have to go now because the situation looks dangerous."


Foxy Brown said...

I notice that the Beeb is still wheeling out the usual race hustlers and apologists for thuggery such as Claudia Webbe and Darcus Howe.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian editorial has another wet 'liberal' take on it, saying that in part it is all due to "a rage against exclusion from consumerist fulfilment."

No wonder I feel so angry and 'extreme right-wing' when all the hordes of young immigrants I see walking around, shopping, are yacking into iphones! I suppose I should be grateful that they haven't (yet) decided that it is easier to smash windows and steal rather than queue and pay (although with 'our' money from benefits).

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty ashamed of being from the US-but thank God I'm not English!

Anonymous said...

It is perhaps reassuring that some of the vagabonds were in fact white. Nevertheless the majority were from one particular ethnic minority.

I notice that the rioting in Bristol was centered on St Pauls. After thelast riots in St Pauls the police took a "softly-softly" approach to matters ethnic leading to Bristol having one of the worst drugs problems in the country and a growing red-light district. Lets hope that the support the public has shown to the police in these districts will discourage such limp-wristed reaction in future.

On a vaguely related note I see that the Guardian's circulation has dropped from 358,000 in 2009 to 256,000 in 2011. Can we assume that the tide is turning?

Blognor Regis said...

Foxy; super tweet from Matthew Sweet last night:

I wish Joan Rivers was in on this discussion with Edwina Currie and Darcus Howe. #newsnight :-)

JuliaM said...

"I notice that the Beeb is still wheeling out the usual race hustlers and apologists for thuggery such as Claudia Webbe and Darcus Howe."

And the 'Guardian' and 'Indy' are doing their bit too!

Anonymous said...

If their were no black people in Britain there would be no rioting

If there were no broken homes there would be no rioting

If the police were free to take robust action there would be no rioting.

If there was no welfare state and everybody was forced to work to make a living, there would be no rioting.

There can be no greater example of where this country has gone wrong over the last 50 years then what has happened this last few nights. The Guardian and Independent will tell us that what we need is yet more of the same old "medicine". It is clear that what we really need is to purge ourselves of the "medicine" we've already had.

Anonymous said...

The video-clip showing police in Manchester dealing effectively with a couple of looters has now been shown on the BBC.

The BBC's Emily Maitlis has since interrogated a police representative as to whether the police action was "appropriate".

An Observer said...

"Anarcho-tyranny" is the term that applies here, I'm afraid. It describes the liberal modern state where the law-abiding are increasingly oppressed with ludicrous laws while the lawless are pampered and protected.

Google "Sam Francis" for more information.