Monday, August 08, 2011

Still Feeling Comfortable, Dave ?

We have to change and modernise our culture and attitudes and identity.

When I say change, I’m not talking about some slick re-branding exercise.

What I’m talking about is fundamental change, so that when we fight the next election street by street, house by house, flat by flat…

…we have a message that is relevant to people’s lives today, that shows we’re comfortable with modern Britain, and that we believe our best days lie ahead.

Our best days lie ahead, do they ?

At this rate it won't be the next election that's being fought street by street and house by house.

UPDATE - via Gadget's comments :

"This is ***** terrifying me now. Looters now targetting HOMES in Ealing. That’s some escalation."
The good news is that you can always shoot people who break into your home ... oh, sorry. Wrong country. This is the one where you call the police - who can't help you 'cos they're engaged in pitched battles on Haven Green and Ealing Broadway...

Police living quarters at Stavely house, Whitmore Reans in Wolverhampton attacked by IC3 mob ( … hmmmm now theres a shock!) windows put in, officers personal motorvehicles attacked and a large fire has been started outside the building …. Trumpton have just turned up put it out .

Youths massing in other areas of Wolverhampton.

Officers just told over the air ‘do not wind anyone up or antagonise youths’

…. You honestly couln’t ******* make it up!!

Trouble in Chapeltown, Brum, Scallyland (Toxteth - I was only hearing this morn some yoof worker all over the BBC, explaining why Toxteth wouldn't go up), and large areas of what used, only 50 years ago, to be the capital of England. Croydon. Bromley. Places that within living memory were shorthand for respectable suburbia - as was Ealing.

It looks as if the demographic tipping point may have been reached in London. England was a famously peaceful place mostly because it was full of English/British people with an English/British culture. Cultural integration is impossible now in the capital - there just aren't enough English left to integrate with - and the night's events will trigger another exodus. London is now a third world city with great but increasingly isolated chunks of what was a mighty first world capital - the City and Whitehall, Buck House and St Paul's, Kensington and Chelsea, Fulham - left behind.

In Third World cities this sort of thing is prevented by Third World law and order, lethal, capricious, corrupt and not given to apologies.

Nonetheless, in some areas London's citizens are defending their lives and property - apparently Turks and Kurds are defending the kebab houses of Green Lane, and Muslim men are guarding Finsbury Park mosque. So let's not say the capital's totally lawless - alternative structures are arising.

I wonder how this will play out for the future of London as a financial centre ? And I was reading just the other day about how Central London property prices are soaring as homes in the capital's richest areas are increasingly seen as a 'safe haven' for capital.

Now the financial centres and the central luxury belt are full of rich people who can buy their way out of a lot of London's nastinesses - the schools, public transport. But as the safer areas become fewer, they'll start to feel increasingly like islands of wealth marooned in a resentful and lawless sea. I'd feel happier with my millions in Wiltshire farmland than in London terraces, no matter what the postcode.


JuliaM said...

We are seeing the result of the last 30 years of progressive policies and the Gramscian march through the services.

Not pretty, is it?

Laban said...

To be fair, it needed one particular progressive policy. Quite entertaining (if surreal) to hear the BBC recounting all the damage to the drawing room without once mentioning the elephant.

Mark said...

Theresa May looked anything but comfortable on Sky News a few minutes ago- in fact she looked more like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car than someone 'in control'.

Blognor Regis said...

I remember in school geography -late '80s - learning how in the developed world how, generally speaking, cities had poor slums clustered around the CBD then getting wealthier out to the rich suburbs. Somewhere like Sao Paulo would be reversed: wealthy folk in the middle trending to the flavelas on the outskirts.

So, as the BRICs go up, Britain comes down.

dearieme said...

I hereby recycle my prediction of white flight to Scotland. Edinburgh, East Lothian, Perthshire, Dumfries & Galloway -there's lots of nice places.

Foxy Brown said...

Tottenham, Hackney and Peckham today; Chiswick, St. John's Wood, and Hampstead tomorrow. The chickens have truly come home to roost.

Anonymous said...

Im waiting for some pundit to ask whats changed since 1981 - well one thing thats changed is a lot more blacks.

AgainsTTheWall said...

Having destroyed England and replaced it with Babylon the bleating Scum suddenly dont seem to like their handiwork.


Anonymous said...

Theresa May should be sacked immediately. What a useless waste of space.

--An Observer

Anonymous said...

Right now Thursday, the Telegraph is pitching in with the Grauniad & Indy.

A parade of suspects and arrested looters: the protographic evidence would lead one to believe that the majority of looters were white.

An Observer said...

I saw that, Anonymous. Also the national media seems to have developed a "meme" that "Asians" weren't involved in the looting, but the local Birmingham press notes that there were many "Asian" names among those who have been charged:

"BIRMINGHAM father of two was one of the first people in the country jailed over the riots.

Imran Khan, aged 23, of St Saviours Road, Saltley, attacked a police officer in Arden Road, Saltley, on Tuesday.

He yesterday admitted using threatening words and behaviour and assaulting a police constable and was jailed for ten weeks at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

Khan was among several people who appeared in court in Birmingham and Wolverhampton in connection with the unrest.

Those appearing in Birmingham included Munir Zaman, aged 20, of Hutton Avenue, Washwood Heath, admitted burgling JD Sports in the Bullring. He was ordered to reappear at crown court on September 7.

Amerpreet Gill, aged 23, of Trafalgar Road, Smethwick, and Gurmeet Tarmeet, 35, of Warwick Road, Sparkhill, who were also charged with burgling JD Sports, were remanded for a week."

Isn't it nice to have a media that lies to you? Here in the U.S. we have violent mobs of blacks beating and in some cases killing innocent whites all over the country in what they call "Beat Whitey Nights"; the media pretty much ignores it completely; when they are forced to cover the incidents they make a huge show of denying that such incidents are racially motivated. They of course don't do the same when they are faced with the much less frequent incidence of whites racially targeting blacks.